proprietary GPT in secure environment

CompanyGPT offers, for the first time, exclusive access to your own Company AI hosted exclusively in Europe. With dedicated and secure access for your company, you can benefit from AI efficiency gains without the need to outsource proprietary data or rely on untrusted services for processing. Interactive prompt templates enable all employees to immediately leverage AI capabilities with minimal training. Additionally, the company-wide prompt template library establishes a quality standard and facilitates knowledge sharing across the organization.

The use of artificial intelligence, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), has exploded since the fall of 2022. The potential for GPT to support daily work and increase productivity seems limitless. However, many companies are still hesitant to adopt these technologies due to increasing data protection requirements and public concerns about access to corporate data. Fortunately, CompanyGPT from 506, companies can now access AI services hosted exclusively in Europe, from a single source and with secure, dedicated access for their own use.



The main functionality of CompanyGPT is similar to ChatGPT: you ask questions (known as prompts) to CompanyGPT and the AI leverages its vast knowledge of training data (nearly the entire World Wide Web) to provide the best possible answers. The quality of the answer depends largely  on the accuracy and specificity of the  question. During the onboarding process, our experts will provide detailed guidance on how to create effective prompts to maximize the benefits of the tool. This way, your employees can learn how to safely and effectively work with AI.

In addition, CompanyGPT includes a storage function with a folder system, allowing you to easily organize your successful prompts by topic and reuse them later with other variable components (known as attributes). Sharing with colleagues and departments is also possible, enabling efficient use of resources and minimizing time spent on redundant tasks.


You use CompanyGPT to create suitable social media posts for your online presence. To achieve optimal results, you need to provide CompanyGPT with a precise briefing, including your goals, desired tone, length, and subject area. Initially, you may need to refine this briefing several times until you achieve the desired outcome. However, once you have generated a successful prompt, you can save it in the “Social Media" folder for future use. You can also define certain fields, such as goals or subject area, as attributes, allowing CompanyGPT to prompt you in advance for the next time you use it, ensuring that your posts are tailored to your specific needs.

Secure handling of own data

With CompanyGPT and 506’s expertise, you can now securely analyze and process your own data using AI models without outsourcing or relying on untrusted services. This ensures that all transferred data remains within 506’s own European cloud service, providing a predictable and high-performance connection while eliminating the possibility of external access.

CompanyGPT combines data, AI, and cloud expertise from a single source, significantly reducing the time and resources required to implement AI projects. With no need to build in-house technical expertise or infrastructure, the introduction of AI projects is dramatically shortened.

Expand CompanyGPT with Your Own Data

Secure, Smart, Revolutionary!

Welcome to the Future of Business Data Processing! With CompanyGPT, we open up new possibilities for using Artificial Intelligence in everyday business. Discover what this means for your company:

Your Data, Our Expertise

CompanyGPT brings your business data to the forefront – secure, protected, and smarter than ever. We combine your specific data with the global knowledge of standard AI systems to create solutions perfectly tailored to your business.

Data Protection Compliance: Our Promise

We guarantee the security of your data. CompanyGPT ensures GDPR-compliant usage of your business data and stores it in a secure, high-performance cloud center in the EU. Highest security standards and trustworthiness are our hallmark.

From Standard to Extraordinary

Go beyond the limits of conventional AI systems. With CompanyGPT, you connect the extensive knowledge of the internet with your company’s unique data, creating exceptionally relevant content and solutions.

Smart Questions, Smarter Answers

Use CompanyGPT as an advanced analysis and search tool based on your own data. Whether it’s market analysis, customer behavior, or internal processes – we provide well-founded and precise answers.

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  • proprietary GPT model
  • hosted exclusively in Europe
  • secure from external access
  • clear folder structure for saving successful prompts
  • Ability to share prompts and attributes within the company
  • Learning of targeted and secure handling of AI

Would you like to benefit from artificial intelligence in a secure and privacy-compliant environment? Get started with CompanyGPT today to optimize your workflows and unlock the full potential of AI.