As experts in artificial intelligence and online marketing we are revolutionizing the way companies use their data to communicate with their customers.
With our AI-powered customer intelligence platform we help companies truly understand their customers for the first time and target them with the right topics at the right time to drive business success.


Our platform uses artificial intelligence to help companies truly understand their customers for the first time and communicate with them in an individualized way. Create an exceptional customer experience using identified interests and optimize your communications for strong customer relationships, better engagement and targeted new customer acquisition.

Segment with AI enrichment

Create tailored audiences by constructing  your audience segments based on additional customer information. Let artificial intelligence help you and get information about the website content viewed in addition to the data generated via tracking. AI will help you discover and collect more characteristics of your customers.

Generate insights

Truly understand  your customers for the first time: Gather deep insights into the characteristics and behaviors of your customers, as well as an overview of their interests and customer journey. By optimizing your audience analysis, you can better understand what drives your customers.

Target audiences more effectively

Maximize your conversion rates by utilizing your data to create personalized and interest-tailored customer targeting strategies, whether on your website (Onsite Activation) or on your preferred marketing channels (Channel Activation).


As one of the first providers, CompanyGPT offers a secure and proprietary GPT AI model hosted on a protected European cloud, ensuring the latest advancements in AI are at your disposal while safeguarding your data from external access.

  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Hosted in a secure European cloud environment with no external access
  • Introduction to working with AI by our 506 experts


Begin your journey with us and gain access to our extensive expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence and online marketing.

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