Every business is unique. The modularity of 506 Customer Intelligence allows you to address different business models and requirements to realize the full potential of your customer data. Choose from the different modules and create your individual product.

The modules of 506 Customer Intelligence

Audience Explorer (base module):
Collect, segment and analyse

The Audience Explorer is our foundational module, serving as the basis for all other modules. It provides the groundwork for successful, data-driven work. With this module, you can collect your company's data in compliance with data protection regulations, at the event level. You can also use it to build and analyze audiences.

AI Enrichment

Gain even more knowledge about your customers and target groups through data enrichment using artificial intelligence. The information obtained through AI Enrichment can be used to build the right target groups in the Audience Explorer module.

Onsite Activation

“One size fits all" is a thing of the past. Individualized customer targeting on your website is now possible. By putting the customer at the center and using the knowledge gained about their interests and needs, you can create a personalized website without having to modify your CMS.

Channel Activation

Integrate online marketing to individually address your target audience segments on the marketing channels of your choice, such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, or email. Reach your target audience on the right marketing channel and use the knowledge gained to target them effectively.

KPI Dashboard

Keep an eye on all important marketing metrics with ease. Your control cockpit provides a centralized, easy to use, clear, and complete overview of your digital marketing measures across all channels, including web performance.

Individual Dashboards

Get customized dashboards tailored to your business model for visualizing and analyzing all relevant metrics and correlations. This will enable you to make informed decisions that drive your business success.


Your proprietary and secure GPT AI model from a protected European cloud.

Cooming Soon: Customer Journey Explorer

Gain deep insights into the user flow and behavior with our analytics tool.

No matter which module is right for you, we're here to help you get the most out of your data.

506 Customer Intelligence

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