506 – more than a number

506 Customer Intelligence

The first European platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to truly understand your customers and communicate with them in an individualized way.


Do you think you know everything about your customers? With 506 Customer Intelligence, you will definitely learn even more! Our solution empowers you to REALLY understand your customers for the first time, enabling you to personalize their experience and optimize your communications for stronger relationships, better engagement, and targeted new customer acquisition.

How does it work?

Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze both the content of viewed pages on your website and common tracking data. By leveraging text understanding, we enrich the profile data of your known and unknown users, providing you with structured information for target group analysis, customer segmentation, and onsite activation. Best of all, you don't need any specific technical know-how to take advantage of these benefits.

Your TOP benefits

  • In-depth understanding of customer preferences and behaviors
  • Individualized targeting and analysis of known and unknown users
  • Simple customer segmentation
  • Insights obtained from viewed website content and tracking data
  • Optimal combination of expert knowledge and artificial intelligence

Flexible and comprehensive: 506 Customer Intelligence combines everything in one modular platform


Create the foundation for unlocking the potential of your data by collecting it in a privacy-compliant manner and storing it in a unified structure. Create interest profiles of your known and unknown users.


Gain deeper insights into your customers’ interests and behaviors with the help of our AI, which analyzes the content they view and provides information that cannot be solely attributed to tracking or a rules-based system.


Create tailored audiences.
Efficiently and accurately segment your audiences with our intuitive Audience-Builder, which leverages information gathered by our AI as well as data generated by tracking.


Individualize your customer targeting. Let CompanyGPT help you create customized messages for your different target groups in a resource-efficient way.


Boost your conversions with a personalized customer approach. Use the insights gained to address your customers with targeted campaigns in their preferred channels at the right time with the right message. Either directly on your website via the integrated Onsite Activation module or make the audiences available for other channels such as Google or Meta through our Channel Activation module.


Always have all the numbers in view. With 506 Customer Intelligence’s many dashboards and analytics, gain competitive insight into customer behavior and interests. Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, save time with clear visualizations and optimize your return on ad spend. Our optimized target group analysis allows you to understand what truly interests your customers.

506 Customer Intelligence is designed to be user-friendly, so that you can work with it independently after the implementation phase, even for those without technical expertise. However, our team of marketing data science and online marketing experts are available to provide ongoing support and consulting to help you maximize the potential of your data. With their expertise and the power of artificial intelligence, you can unlock deeper insights and achieve greater success.

By individually combining modules, we can find the perfect solution for every customer. An overview of all our available modules can be found here: MODULES


Do you want to truly understand your customers for the first time? Use 506 Customer Intelligence to acquire new customers or increase customer lifetime value.